Hannah (Whiting) Ingersoll, 1713-1779.

Hannah Whiting Ingersoll Jared Ingersoll Center Church Crypt

The daughter of the Hon. Joseph and Hannah (Trowbridge) Whiting, sister of MaryPhebe and John, and the first wife of the Hon. Jared Ingersoll. They were married in 1743 in Branford and had three children: Jared (1748), Jared (1749; it was the custom to continue a name until a child with that name lived) and Jonathan (1751).

When Hannah died, Jared married the widow of Enos Alling, also named Hannah (Miles). When Jared died, Hannah Miles Alling Ingersoll married Capt. Joseph Bradley. Quite a track record! An interesting note: both Jared Ingersoll and Enos Alling married daughters of Col. Whiting: Hannah and Phebe (Enos Alling’s first wife). When these women died, the men both married Hannah Miles – Enos first, then Jared, a veritable marriage “merry-go-round!”

Hannah Whiting is memorialized with a few words at the bottom of the memorial table she shares with her husband; the tombstone of the infant Jared can be seen in the foreground:



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