John Whiting, 1722-1786.


John was a graduate of Yale College and afterwards became a tutor there. He was made a freeman in 1748 and proceeded to take on many responsibilities: lister, grand juror, on a committee to distribute law books, a committee member to look at the dike at the west bridge to see what repairs were needed, a committee member to judge where the burying ground should be fenced in (on the Upper Green). In 1767, John, with others, looked into the building of a Work House or “house of correction… for restraining, correcting, suppressing and punishing Rogues, vagabonds, common beggars and other lewd, idle, dissolute, profane and disorderly persons and for setting them to work.” Mr. Whiting was appointed clerk of the Probate Court and in 1773 elected Judge of Probate. He was also a deacon in First Church.

John Whiting’s first wife was Sarah Ingersoll; after she passed away, he married Sarah Trowbridge, who outlived him.  He was the son of Colonel Joseph Whiting and Hannah Trowbridge, and the brother of Phebe (Whiting) Alling, Hannah (Whiting) Ingersoll,  and Mary (Whiting) Alling.  John Whiting graduated Yale in 1740 and served as a deacon at Center Church from 1756 until the year of his death.  There is a New Haven Colony record of  a marriage in 1784 between  “Sharper Rogers a free negro man & Phillis belonging to John Whiting Esq.” 

His headstone, like our other example of striped marble in the crypt, has not aged well and the inscription is barely legible. Whiting’s epitaph reads:

To the Memory of JOHN WHITING Esquire who
died on the 21 of Jane 1786
in the 64 year of his Age. This
Gen’man was Honourably descended,
had a liberal Education, was early
chosen a Tutor of Y College after his
leaving the College was ap-
pointed clerk of the probate
Court & in Octobr 1773 was made
Judge of the Probate. He was many
Years a Deacon of the first church
in N Haven, all which offices he
faithfully discharged, the last & much
the Greater part of his Life was
Spent in the Service & to the
acceptance of the Publick.

The footstone is still legible:
John Whiting Center Church Crypt

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