Hannah (1702-1771) and Nathan (1696-1774) Alling.



Nathan became a freeman in 1727 and was chosen as a lister and a highway surveyor.  In 1723 he married Hannah, daughter of Michael and Elizabeth (Brown) Todd of Mt. Carmel.  They had ten children  In Nathan’s will he gave to his son Ebenezer “the farm lying above Dorman’s so called where I formerly dwelt.”  Nathan died in Hamden; Hannah died in Mt. Carmel.


Family notes:

The Alling family figured prominently in the early days of New Haven Colony. The progenitors, Roger and John, at first answered to the name of Allen, but after 1660, “Alling” was introduced into the records. Roger came to New Haven with Capt. Lamberton as his steward. He lived on the corner of Church and George. He was received into the church as a member in 1641 and in the same year was admitted to the bar. Roger was a farmer, public brander of horses, custom house officer, blacksmith, sergeant in the first military company, deacon in the church, and the first and only elected treasurer of the colony. He married Mary Nash. Today the name Alling lives on in West Haven as the Allingtown Hill. John Alling Sr. came to New Haven a few years after Roger, married Ellen Bradley in 1652 and was made a freeman in 1658. His branch of the family reverted to “Allen,” largely. His son, John Jr., was a weaver or clothier who lived near the Milford line.

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