Visit (or “visit”): public hours info, plus new brochure on our grand old church and basement crypt.

Center Church on the Green has prepared a new brochure introducing (or reintroducing) our historic meeting house–and modern-day worship community–to New Haven area residents and visitors. SPOILERS AHEAD if you haven’t yet been able to make it down to the open hours sponsored by the New Haven Crypt Association during their public tour season…the information contained within is a sneak peek at some of the sights and stories that await you. (Want a print-friendly PDF instead of the JPEG snapshots below? Click here.)

Public tour season lasts from the beginning of April to the end of October. Open hours are from 11:00 am (doors open) to 1:00 pm (doors close) on Saturdays only (the crypt is not open during public worship and fellowship time on Sundays), except by special appointment.Arrive no later than 12:40 for a full tour. Limited parking for tour attendees is available for the duration of your tour ONLY, in our front apron (if you are in the final group of the day, please exit our lot by 1:00 pm).

  • Tour groupings throughout the day are strictly limited in size by fire code regulations. Call ahead to request a reservation for a larger group, or for other requests from organizations.
  • Public tours are free to all, but please feel free to donate towards ongoing preservation work if so moved! (Collection box on site, or checks made out to the New Haven Crypt Association and mailed to 311 Temple Street, New Haven CT 06511, OR click here for a PayPal link and specify “CRYPT” in the notes section.)