Joseph Whiting, 1645-1717.

Joseph Whiting Treasurer

The survey shows this spelling, but in the New Haven Council minutes of 1722, there is listed Joseph W. Treeves. The year Joseph died is the same year the brick building for the Collegiate School (Yale) was erected. The Whitings lived in the eastern part of town.

My own research shows that the “TREVS” at the end of Joseph’s name is not his surname, but his job description at time of death: the Joseph Whiting buried in our crypt — and born on October 2, 1645 — was the treasurer of the Connecticut Colony from 1678 to 1717.*  Captain Joseph Whiting lived in Hartford, and was the uncle of Colonel Joseph Whiting of New Haven (also interred in the crypt).  He is reported to have died in New Haven while attending a session of the General Assembly meeting at the statehouse here (there was a statehouse in Hartford as well; until 1875, the Connecticut General Assembly met alternately in New Haven and Hartford).

Joseph was the youngest son of Major William Whiting and Susanna Wiggin of Hartford (Major Whiting himself served as colony treasurer from 1643 until his death in 1647, and when Joseph passed away in 1717, his son John inherited the position as well).  He first married Mary Pynchon of Springfield, Massachusetts, on October 5, 1669.  This was the same year he settled in Westfield, Massachusetts, where he worked as a merchant and according to one source, “is the only one of the original settlers who was distinguished on the Westfield records by the term ‘Mr.’ with the single exception of James Cornish.”

His second wife was Anna Allyn, daughter of Colonel John and Anna (Smith) Allyn of Hartford.  Joseph returned to Hartford in 1676 — the year he married Anna — and was named treasurer two years after that.  When Joseph died on October 19, 1717, his estate owed “a considerable sum of money” to the state treasury; when the General Assembly finally pursed the matter to the point of threatening to sue the estate, they suggested parcels of his land could be sold off by Whiting’s family to pay off these arrears.

* Joseph is indeed listed incorrectly on the Center Church vestibule tablets (installed 1821) as “Joseph W. Treeves;” I am working on auditing/cross-checking all of our directory resources for a more accurate census of the crypt.

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