Sarah Trowbridge, 1680-1690.


She was the daughter of Thomas Trowbridge and Sarah (Rutherford). Sarah had two older sisters, Elizabeth and Lydia and four brothers. As was often the custom, the first baby girl was named for the mother. The Trowbridge family lived on Water Street between Meadow and State. Across the highway was the sandy beach of the harbor. Sarah’s father was a wealthy merchant and ship owner with his wharf at the corner of Water and State Streets. It was from his wharf that the famous Long Wharf evolved. The year Sarah was born, Thomas was made treasurer of the town. When Sarah was eight years old, her mother died and two years later, her father remarried. His new wife, Hannah, had a baby girl whom Sarah enjoyed for nine months before Sarah died.

Sarah was born on September 24, 1680.  Her stone stands directly next to her mother’s, which is the oldest in the crypt (1687).  Both stones appear to have been engraved by the same hand, but the younger Sarah’s seems to have benefited from her mother’s “practice” stone.



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