Nancy Holmes, 1780-1795.


Capt. John Holmes of Stonington married Martha Stanton in 1774.  Their fifth child was Nancy.  John was born in 1749.

My research shows that this is not the daughter of Captain John Holmes, but of Eliphalet and Anne Holmes of East Haddam, CT.  This stone is her footstone; her headstone is one of those that was carried over to Grove Street Cemetery and propped up against the west wall along with other stones that were removed from the New Haven Green.  The footstone is only a few feet away from the church foundation wall, so it can be assumed that the headstone was located where the foundation was placed or just outside and was therefore moved.  

According to her headstone at Grove Street Cemetery and state records, Nancy died on August 31, 1795 “in the 15th year of her age.”

Research is ongoing, but her father may have been the Captain Eliphalet Holmes who led a company of Minute Men from East Haddam during the Revolutionary War until he resigned his commission in 1780; he lived from 1746 to 1833.  Remaining mysteries include the reason Nancy was in New Haven and why she was interred here when her presumed family members are all buried back in East Haddam.  1795, the year of her death, was a particularly bad year for yellow fever and dysentery deaths in the colony; perhaps she was brought to New Haven for care after falling ill, or fell ill while she was here for another reason.

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