Hezekiah Pierpont, 1712-1741.



The youngest son of the Rev. James and Mary (Hooker) Pierpont.  His father James is credited with the founding of Yale College (then named the Collegiate School of Connecticut) in 1701.  Hezekiah married Lydia Hemingway, daughter of the Rev. Jacob Hemingway, first pastor of the East Haven Congregational Church (known as the Old Stone Church).  Lydia was the only child of Jacob and Lydia (Ball) Hemingway.  After Hezekiah’s death, Lydia married Captain Theophilus Morgan of Killingsworth, who had been divorced from his previous wife.

A publication entitled “Pierrepoint genealogies from Norman times to 1913, with particular attention paid to the line of descent from Hezekiah Pierpont, youngest son of Rev, James Pierpont of New Haven (1913)” can be found online in its entirety here.

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