Amelia (Broome) Jarvis, 1765-1788.



The wife of James Jarvis, Esq. of New York, and daughter of Samuel Broome, Esq. (originally of New York) and Phoebe Broome.  She was the sister of Maria Broome.  James Jarvis may have been related to the Rev. F. Jarvis of New York Rev. Samuel Farmar Jarvis of Connecticut, who officiated at the laying of the cornerstone for Trinity Church on the New Haven Green (Episcopal) on May 17, 1814.

My own research has not yet uncovered any link between Amelia’s husband James Jarvis and the Rev. Samuel Farmar Jarvis. However, it did turn up a bit more about Amelia’s death and life, at least under her father’s roof.  

Amelia Broome Jarvis lived in New York with her husband, and died suddenly on December of “an apoplectic fit” while visiting her parents in Connecticut.  Her father Samuel Broome’s home was near Water Street in New Haven and he hosted Quincy Adams for dinner in August of 1785, when an 18 year old Adams was traveling through with a companion.  (They had planned a trip to see Judges Cave out in West Rock after supper but the weather didn’t allow it.)  Adams noted in his diary:

“[Samuel Broome] lives in a most agreeable Situation: his house is upon an eminence just opposite the harbor, so that the tides come up, within ten rods [165 feet] of it.”

Regarding Amelia Broome Jarvis, Adams remarked, 

I was in great hopes of seeing Mrs. Jarvis, but she was at Huntington, and is not expected home under a month. Miss Betsey Broome [her sister] is here, but is not at all sociable. In this she does not resemble her father, who is a sincere, open-hearted good man.

Amelia and Betsey also make an appearance in a travel account published by the Marquis de Chastellux, who called on the family a few years earlier when they were briefly living in Boston at the tail end of the Revolutionary War and he was serving in the French Expeditionary Forces under Count de Rochambeau.  He reports

“breakfast with Mr. Broom[e], where I remained for some time, the conversation being always agreeable and unrestrained….The 20th was wholly devoted to society.  Mr. Broom[e] gave me an excellent dinner, the honors of which were performed by Mrs. Jarvis [Amelia] and her sister [Betsey], with as much politeness and attention as if they had been old and ugly.”

 The epitaph chosen by her family reads, in full:

Here lies the Remains of
Mrs Amelia Jarvis wife
of Mr. James Jarvis of New
York and eldest daughter of
Samuel Broome Esquire

She departed this Life Decr the 31st 1788
aged 24 Years and 8 Months her
amiable and engaging manners
rendered her universally beloved
and her death sincerely lamented. 
Swept by a hasty torrent hence,
Like a vain dream we pass,
Spring up, and grow and wither soon,
As does the short lived grass.


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