Margaret (Mansfield) Arnold, 1745-1775.


Margaret Mansfield Arnold Center Church Crypt

The wife of the infamous Benedict Arnold, Esq.  Benedict was born in Norwich, CT  and came to New Haven when he was 21.  He married Margaret, daughter of Samuel and Esther (Hall) Mansfield, when she was 17.  (The Mansfields lived near Arnold’s house on Water Street in New Haven.)  Margaret and Benedict had three children: Benedict Jr. (1768), Richard (1769) and Henry (1772).

Margaret died 17 days after her father.  Sam Mansfield, Yale Class of 1735, was sheriff of New Haven County and a successful businessman.  Sam and Esther’s white marble headstones were removed to Grove Street Cemetery.

After Margaret Arnold’s death, Benedict married Margaret Shippen of Philadelphia in 1779.  He died in London; a plaque on his former residence reads, “Major General Benedict Arnold, American Patriot, resided here from 1796 until his death June 14, 1801.”  The plaque was installed by a member of the Arnold family.


One thought on “Margaret (Mansfield) Arnold, 1745-1775.

  1. Wow — it’s like it was carved yesterday!!! So wonderful that they were preserved when Center Church was built.

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